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Here is where I post writing that is not directly poetic or dramatic (screenplays and television). Please take a look around and read some of my articles and writing samples. And if you’re checking out my blog because you need to hire someone to get some word-smithing done, well, click on the contact page and let’s get it started!

Circus of Shadows
Drawn for Circus Alchemikus by Vanni Mangoni

Since you’re here, take a look at this art that was done for me by my dear friend Vanni Mangoni, a miraculous visionary artist from Italy. This was a gift to me to encourage my circus obsession and a film making project I return to from time to time called Circus Alchemikus. There’s so much greatness happening in this drawing that I sometimes just like to explore it and wish that I was there in this mad circus extravaganza.


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