By Hank Jacobs We are in the midst of an epidemic of addiction in this country. A perfect storm of factors has brought us to this place: Massive economic, technological, and social change has left many people angry, frightened, and adrift without a sense of purpose. Drug companies dump highly addictive opiates into the marketplace.... Continue Reading →


10 Rules for Living – The Refrigerator Version

10 RULES FOR LIVING by Hank Jacobs 1- DON’T PANIC. This is the most important. All success stems from this. 2- IF YOU WANT SOMETHING, ASK FOR IT. Don’t make us read your mind. 3- IT NEVER HURTS TO SAY YOU’RE SORRY. It helps to forgive. 4- YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE NICE, BUT YOU... Continue Reading →

10 Rules for Living To Teach Your Kids

By Hank Jacobs #2 in the Spiritual Technology series Parenting in any age is a challenge. We don’t get a rule book, best practices really vary by situation, and as parents we are constantly reminded that kids are small humans, with all the craziness and intensity that entails. Add in the ubiquity of smartphones, YouTube,... Continue Reading →

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