Portfolio Example: Ghost Written Bio 2

SEE THE ORIGINAL HERE. Carmen Winter, founder “I'm an artist. Doing funny things that make you feel silly is kinda normal for me.” Sustainable Secrets founder Carmen Winter is not your typical businessperson. She is an artist, zero waste enthusiast, activist, entrepreneur, mystic, traveler, innovator, and maker. She turns the traditional idea of what a... Continue Reading →


Portfolio Example – Ghost Written Bio

Editor's note: The bio below was ghost written by Hank Jacobs for the Yogi Road website, currently under construction. Emily Broms is a Los Angeles based yoga teacher and entrepreneur. ABOUT EMILY BROMS Nice to meet you! So I was living in San Francisco, a graduate of SFSU with a degree in anthropology, and I... Continue Reading →

I Am Under Construction

Hey there friend! You're seeing in real time the construction of my freelance writing business. In looking for other ways to expand my income, I thought, well, I love the feeling of getting things done, and I love having money to do things that I love to do with my friends and family. I love... Continue Reading →

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